Samsung Chat S3350 Repair Keypad Ways Problem Solution


Samsung Chat S3350 Repair Keypad Ways Problem Solution
Samsung GT-S3350 Keypad IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways

This solution may help to trace and repair a particular QWERTY keys that doesn’t work or stop responding when press. This guide shows the layout of the Samsung S3350 [email protected] 335 of each corresponding QWERTY keys line paths and connection. Before proceeding to trace of each particular line paths please ensure that the keypad membrane switches is perfectly clean and free from any corrosion and oxidation, the membrane switches will not having a good contact to the keypads cores if it is corroded. All corresponding
membrane switch keypad must be absolutely clean. You may need a new replacement keypad membrane on it if the membrane switches is damaged and unable to pop up back when press.
Samsung Chat S3350 Repair Keypad Ways Problem Solution Jumper

Each corresponding keys are divided into group of rows and columns. The outer core layer of the keypad are group into rows and the inner core layer are group into columns. Each rows and columns are connected with each other.

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Samsung S3350 [email protected] 335 Keypad IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways Keypad Not Working
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