LG G3 D855 Microphone Problem Mic Ways Solution


LG G3 D855 Microphone Problem Mic Ways Solution
LG G3 D855 Mic Solution Jumper Problem Ways Microphone

Here’s LG G3 D855 solution for not working microphone problem. The solution below provides the connection line paths and the components of the microphone circuit on LG G3 D855.

The first step try to check the mic hole on the mobile phone, which covered the mic hole can result in imperfect voice caught by the mic, so what’s wrong first checking the mic hole. If it is ascertained mic hole no problem, try the next step.

How to fix the Mic not working problem
Here in below you can see the image, That image says to fix the mic problem. Just you may have to do two Works of your phone hardware area, Then it will work.
You should have to change a new four pin Mic of LG G3 D855 phone and If the Method difficult or not work to you, please try our method.
Our method is jumper way Mic creation. if you have more information, See the image below to make your own mic, It’s very easy for you.

LG G3 D855 mic jumper ways tracks

LG G3 D855 Microphone Problem Mic Ways Solution

Remember: Usually the problem come on the Mic part. so, you only need to replace a new good Mic or Make a jumper way Mic the image shows and everything is resolved.

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LG G3 D855Mic Solution Jumper Problem Ways Mic Not Working Microphone
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