Samsung GT-E2220 Earpiece Speaker Problem Ways Solution


Samsung GT-E2220 Earpiece Speaker Problem Ways Solution
Samsung Chat 220 Ear Speaker Ways Earpiece Jumper Problem Solution

Hers’ a solution for Samsung Chat 220 Samsung GT-E2220 if having an audio problem with earpiece or receiver speaker. This solution will make your troubleshooting easy and quick.If the earpiece is not working or no sounds can be heard on it, you may first manually check the receiver speaker using a multimeter. If the speaker is damaged replace it. A poor,distorted or garbled sounds is also an indication of a bad speaker.

Hardware Solution
Troubleshooting Samsung GT-E2220 earpiece speaker problem:
Assuming that this problem is not cause by a firmware, so check and flash update the device first to any latest firmware version available.
1. Check the earpiece speaker using a multimeter, replace if damaged.
2. Check the cable wire for possible damaged, replace if necessary.
3. Clean, the ear speaker pin connector, re-solder if the solder is lifted.
4. Trace the connection line paths of the earpiece speaker from the pin connector down to the bypass capacitors., check or replace also the capacitors.

Samsung GT E2220 Earpiece Speaker Problem Ways Solution

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Samsung GT-E2220 Ear Speaker Solution Ways Earpiece Jumper Problem, Speaker Is Not Working.Solution

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