Samsung Galaxy A3 A300 Sound Problem Ringer Jumper Ways


Samsung A300 Ringer Problem Ways Solution
Samsung Galaxy A3 A300 Sound Problem Ringer Jumper Ways

This solution covers for hardware level of repair for Samsung Galaxy A3 A300 Speaker or Ringer Problem and Also you will find Samsung Galaxy A3 Speaker or Ringer Ways and Jumpers information in the diagrams in this article.

Just see the solution preview below for it shows which components needs to be check and replace if the there is No Speaker or Ringer on phone or Speaker or Ringer problem of the Samsung A300 goes wrong.

This solution may help if you already done a software calibration method and tried replacing the Speaker or Ringer but the problem continues.
Samsung Galaxy A3 A300 Sound Problem Ringer Jumper Ways
Check the buzzer using a multimeter. Replace if already damaged. a distorted audio sounds is cause by a weak buzzer. or it is already burned out. (internal coil is damaged).
If the speaker is good and seems no problem, ensure that the terminal were not misaligned. Then clean the buzzer terminal contact pads for possible oxidation build ups (this might weaken the connection).
Check each of buzzer+ and buzzer- corresponding connection line paths accross to each components where it is being connected.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Ringer Solution Jumper Problem Ways Ringer Not Working
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