Samsung SM-J500H Microphone Jumper Mic Ways Solution


Samsung Galaxy J5 J500H Mic Jumper Microphone Solution Ways

The solutions in this article are for Samsung Galaxy J5 J500H Mic problem. So if your Mic stops working you can use the diagrams in this post to solve this proble

In order to resolve mic problem all you have to do is to:
Simply reset the phone and verify whether the problem persists or not, you can verify that simply by using the sound recorder.
MIC normally goes mute when calling because of the filter cap over the MIC, it could either be damaged or misaligned.
If changing the filter cap doesn’t work either, than now all you have to do is to move towards the circuit board

Samsung SM J500H Microphone Jumper Mic Ways Solution

Dry your Samsung SM-J500H with a dry towel to eliminate any visible traces of water or moisture.
Remove battery
Clean all the openings (Headphone port, Charging port etc.) with the help of cotton buds in order to eliminate all possible traces of water and moisture completely.
Check the MIC hole opening is dust free. If MIC hole is dusty or damaged then clean with PCB cleaner.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 J500H Mic Solution Jumper Problem Ways Mic Not Working Microphone

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