iPhone 6 Network Searching Problem Repair Solution


iPhone 6 Network Searching Problem Repair Solution
iPhone 6 No Imei Problem Solution Jumper Ic Ways

Here’s the solution for a damaged Apple iPhone 6 with No Network Signal (coverage ) problem. This solution can be used if the problem is not caused by the device flash firmware. Try to restore or update the device flash firmware first before you may proceed to hardware troubleshooting.

This problem happens when the device suffered wet damaged or accidentally dropped.
For a water damaged iPhone 6, you must ensure to clean the PCB board first before proceeding any software and hardware repair. And for accidentally dropped units like it shows a dropping signal indicator on the display, you may restore and or update the flash firmware first before you attempting hardware repair.

If the phone does not being fix through firmware restoration, you may then proceed to do a hardware check up and troubleshooting.
The solution below shows which particular components that may need to check, trace and or then replace if found damaged.
iPhone 6 Network Searching Problem Repair Solution

The RF circuit is composed of chips or integrated circuit (IC). In troubleshooting RF signal problem you may need to have a frequency counter to make it easy to repair, but you may also fix it by doing it manually.
First, check the all supply voltages that feeds to each of the RF circuit chips like the RF power amplifier and RF IC. There is an RF power supply controller that also feeds the secondary supply other than the battery supply voltage.

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