How To Solve Samsung E1200T Dead Problem – Repair Solution


How To Solve Samsung E1200T Dead Problem – Repair Solution
Samsung GT-E1200T Power Problem Solution
Samsung E1200T Not Power On
Samsung E1200T Battery Drain Fast
One of the most common problems that every smart phone has the battery drain issue, and most of the time this “battery drain” issue become the source of power problem in these smart phones. Just like in every other smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 power problem is also one of the core issues that come with this phone.


Following are some of the common Samsung Galaxy S3 power problems:

  • S3 not turning ON.
  • Phone powers OFF again and again whenever it is on Boot Screen.
  • S3 heats up even when it is switched OFF.

Reasons of Problems

  • Phone might be out of battery charge.
  • Battery might be out of order.
  • Battery pins might be having problems.
  • Power button might be faulty.
  • Battery connectors might be corroded with rust etc.

Hardware Solution

How To Solve Samsung E1200T Dead Problem Repair Solution

  • Check Battery voltage and make sure that battery is fully charged (always use Samsung Original Battery)
  • Check battery connectors for water damage or corrosion, clean it with cleaning solution or you can either solder it if required.
  • Now check power button’s usual action.
  • Also verify the continuity by using multi meter at the two end of power button while pressing the connection at the same time, if there is no continuity then it means the power button is faulty.

If that doesn’t solves the problem then,

  • Check voltage across the pins of power button (it should be 2.8v), then repeat above mentioned steps.
  • If there is no voltage at button and the button looks good then check its connections as defined below:
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