Samsung Galaxy A5 A510F Low Signal Problem Repair Solution


Samsung Galaxy A5 A510F Low Signal Problem Repair Solution

Before anything else, an Samsung Galaxy A5 A510F is a phone that you would need to make calls and to send text messages all over the world, and it would surely be considered as useless if you are not able to get this thing done right for you. Samsung SM-A510F network problem can happen due to any of the reasons, your SIM card might be faulty or your Carrier might be going through some sort of maintenance which is forbidding your phone to get the signals. Besides that, phone might have incurred some sort of damage due to which you are encountering different network problems.

In the following lines you will get to know different types of Samsung Galaxy A5 A510F network problems followed by all of their possible solutions.


  • No Network in Samsung A510F.
  • Low Signals.
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 A510F only searching for network but not connecting.
  • Signal dropping in Samsung SM-A510F.

Reasons of Problems

  • Your service provider might be going through some sort of network maintenance.
  • Your SIM card might be faulty.
  • Your phone has encountered any kind of physical or water damage.
  • You might have left Airplane mode on.
  • Power Amplifier IC or any of the components might be faulty.

Hardware Solution:

Samsung Galaxy A5 A510F Low Signal Problem Repair Solution

  • Check U2002 for Damage.Replace If Damaged/Cracked Or Resolder If Needed
  • Open your Samsung Galaxy A5 A510F and remove Antenna Wire. Metal Sheet is at the left corner is antenna (just first inch) and the rest is antenna wire.
  • Make sure that the antenna wire (entering from right of the antenna) is not cut or disconnected.
  • Check external Antenna as well as its Coils with the help of a Multi meter (Check Continuity), as the network problem might also be due to the fault in external antenna. Multi meter should beep when connected with external antenna’s nodes and coil.
  • If all of the above doesn’t solve the problem then flip the Circuit board and gently heat Power IC, if it is still not working then replace it. (For Low Signals or No Network Problem)
  • If you are facing signal inconsistency or signal dropping issue then gently heat Transceiver also known as RF IC. If that doesn’t work then replace it.
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