iPad Mini Display Light Solution Backlight Ways Jumper


iPad Mini Display Light Solution Backlight Ways Jumper
iPad Mini Lcd Light Solution Display Light Not Working  Backlight Fuse Jumper Solution

In Apple iPad Mini Display has connected the motherboard with a cable connector. If your LCD is not working, you obviously have to check if a faulty LCD is not causing this problem. If the LCD is okay then check the LCD connector.

If you ever already been tried to replace a new replacement LCD screen and new flex cable wire and nothing happens but the display problem still exists like black screen display, blue screen display, white screen display, garbled and saturated screen display.
Before you may proceed, you need to make sure first that the flex cable and the LCD are working fine or you have it tried with new replacement installed but nothing happens.
Note: this solution covers only for hardware repair and may not help on software related issues.

Just refer to the solution below, this may help in solving backlight white LED problem on iPad Mini F after you confirmed that the LCD screen is okay or already tried replacing it

Hardware Solution:

iPad Mini Display Light Solution Backlight Ways Jumper

Here’ how to troubleshoot the iPad Mini Display problem:

For a quick fix, on a minor problem like if the phone status shows no indication of being wet by any liquid, free of oxidation build up or the PCB board is still clean.
– Check the Flex ribbon cable wire.. replace if damaged.
– Check/ try to replace the LCD screen, the white LED’s on it may already be busted.

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Display White Or Blank Solution

We show you a basic info on how to fix and solved the problem.
This solution may only work if the LCD is not damaged, cracked or broken.
Display problem like the blue or white screen is caused by a corrupted firmware and can be fixed by restoring, flashing, updating the phones firmware.

iPad Mini Display Light IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways

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