Repair iPhone X Power Button Problem On-Off Button Ways


Repair iPhone X Power Button Problem On-Off Button Ways

Having trouble with your iPhone X power button? Is turning your iPhone X on and off not possible anymore? This issue can be irritating because it prevents you from taking screenshots, turning off your device and putting it to sleep.

iPhone X Power Button Not Working?

While it could be a battery issue, it could also be a broken iPhone X power button. Buttons on your smartphone experience wear and tear due to everyday use. If you accidentally dropped your iPhone X, internal components of the power button may come loose or break causing a connection failure.

Here’s the connection line paths for iPhone X that may useful in troubleshooting a not working Volume control both UP (+) and DOWN (-) button switches. This shows the connection line paths (jumper ways) specially when trying to fix the button switch if severely damaged or the PCB solder pads has been already lifted. You may use a multimeter to trace each of the volume button keys terminals connection across to a components where it is being connected. This solution may also work with iPhone X phones.

Hardware Solution:

Repair iPhone X Power Button Problem On Off Button Ways

To fix this problem you may first visually check the button switch assembly for possible damaged. Just replace it, and carefully re-solder it without lifting the PCB board terminal solder pads.

If the said switches assembly seems okay but it still it does not respond or work. Refer to the solution above and locate the highlighted component on the PCB board.

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