How to Bypass FRP Lock Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Android 8.1 | MIUI10


How to Bypass FRP Lock Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Android 8.1 | MIUI10

You can now easily Bypass FRP Lock Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro MIUI10 with latest method of November 2018, If your Xiaomi device has MIUI10,, so you can follow this method, if you wanna check your device MIUI version, you can from your device specification by searching in google. We will use “Talkback Method” to bypass google account.

Note: This method has successfully been tested with Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro, Android 8.1, MIUI 10.

How to Bypass FRP Lock Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Android 8.1   MIUI10

How to Bypass Google Account Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro MIUI 10:

-Connect Wi-Fi or internet to your Xiaomi MIUI 10 device.

-Go back to “MIUI 10” screen, which is very first screen that appears after you switch on device.

-Long tap with your 2 Fingers for 30-60 sec until you see “Talkback Tutorial” popup screen.

-Once you get the “Talkback Tutorial” screen, that means you have successfully enabled “Talkback Feature” and now we can easily Bypass Google Account XIAOMI MIUI 10.

-Draw “L” on your screen to bring “Global Context Menu”.

-Double tap on “Talkback Settings”.

enable talkback global miui10

-Once you access to “Talkback Settings”, go down and then turn off “Explore By Touch”.

-After that, tap on “Help & Feedback”.

-Now Tap on “Get Started with Voice Access”.

-Tap on “Youtube Video Play ICON”, and then wait few second until you see some extra options on your youtube video.

-Tap on “Clock icon”, this would lead you to the “Mi Browser”.

tap on youtube play icon talkback

-Just tap on “Allow”, and then tap on “Agree & Continue”.

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-You will have “Google Search bar” top of your screen to Bypass Google Account XIAOMI MIUI 10.

-Type “Download FRP Tools” and type” site. (See below image).

miui 10 frp remove

Install Apex Launcher to Bypass Google Account XIAOMI MIUI 10:

-Just go down on download frp tools page, and then download from there “Apex Launcher 3.3.3”.

-After that you will have “Browser Security” popup on your screen, just tap on “Settings” from that popup.

Enable Unknow Sources MIUI 10

-Tap on “Back key” to go back, and then tap on “Install” to install apex launcher in your MIUI 10 device.

install apex launcher

-Once installation finish, just tap on “BACK KEY” to go back to “Download FRP Tools Page“.

-Now tap on “MENU” button from bottom right corner on your browser, and then select “Manage Download”.

-This would lead you to the “Download Folder” where you can see your “Apex Launcher” app.

-Tap on “OPEN” to launch Apex Launcher, and now you have accessed to your Xiaomi Miui 10 Home Screen.

-Go to menu, and then go to “Settings”, after that tap on “About Phone”.

-Now tap 7 times rapidly on “MIUI Version” to until you see a popup message “You are now a developer”.

-Now go back to “Settings”, and then tap on “Additional Settings”.

-Afterwards, go to “Developer Options”, and then enable “OEM Unlocking” from there.

Enable OEM Unlock Xiumi Miui 10

-Tap on “Back Key”, after that again go to “Developer Options”, and make sure “OEM Unlocking” is enabled there.

-If you see “OEM Unlocking” is disabled”, you have to enable it again, after that tap on back key, and then again enter in “Developer Option” and this time you should OEM Unlocking enabled.

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-Long press “Power Key”, and then hit “Restart” option to restart Xiaomi MIUI 10 device.

-You are done to Bypass Google Account XIAOMI MIUI 10.

-Now just complete initial setup, at the screen of “Google Sign in”, you will be able to “SKIP” sign in option.

-Just tap on “SKIP”, and then complete initial setup to access HOME SCREEN.


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