Tecno W5 Sim Card Ways Sim Not Working Problem Solution


Tecno W5 Sim Card Ways Sim Not Working Problem Solution
Tecno W5 Sim Card Jumper Sim Not Working Problem Sim Not Accepting No Network Solution  Sim IC Ways

Here’s the full solution for Tecno W5 SIM card problem that it does not accept or detect any SIM card being inserted into it. This solution shows the full line paths or connection tracks of the Nokia SIM circuit, from the SIM pin connector through to the SIM filter IC and to the innermost part of the main chips solder ball bumps.

Reasons for Problems

It might be due to dust on SIM Jacket contacts.
It might be due to faulty capacitors. If any of them is faulty then it will affect your overall SIM card function.
The issue might also be due to SIM card IC.

Tecno W5 Insert Sim Card Hardware Procedure

Tecno W5 Sim 1 Ways

Tecno W5 Sim Card 1 Ways

Tecno W5 Sim 2 Ways

Tecno W5 Sim card 2 Ways

How To Make a Jumper

  • Check the voltage on the line as shown above and make sure everything produces voltage.
  • If there is one line does not produce voltage then you have to make a jumper as shown above.
  • If the four lines have produced a voltage then please try to insert sim card and turn on the cell phone.

The solution above may help if having trouble finding the replacement for the flex ribbon cable, you may only need to apply a jumper wire on an opens line paths after tracing it.

Here are the hints in troubleshooting the Tecno W5 Insert Sim Card Problem:
1. Check the flex ribbon cable assembly. Replace if severely damaged.
2. Clean the SIM slot and the flex pin connector.
3. Check the VSIM voltage across the 0 ohms resistor. Check/replace the resistor if damaged.

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