Samsung Galaxy J3 J330FN Mic Ways Mic Problem Jumper Solution


Samsung Galaxy J3 J330FN Mic Ways Mic Problem Jumper Solution

Samsung Galaxy J3 Mic Jumper Mic Not Working Problem Solution Mic IC Ways  Mic Solution Hello guys! Welcome to another #Samsung Galaxy J3 J330FN article. As customary in this blog, we bring you more Samsung Galaxy J3 issues and their respective solutions. We hope you’ll find this material informative.

In Samsung Galaxy J3 J330FN microphone is soldered to the motherboard. The mic is responsible for sending your voice to the person on the other end of a phone call, recording sounds while making videos or simply using voice recording apps. So if the other person can’t listen to your voice during a phone call you are going to have to change the microphone with a new one.

Changing Samsung Galaxy J3 J330FN mic can be a little tricky. It is soldered to the motherboard so if you remove it remember it’s placing position and put the new microphone the same way the old one was. If you have broken prints of the microphone connection points I have marked all of them in the diagram below.

Fixing microphone issues for Samsung phones has become a bit of a tussle for the Samsung phone users. Where the customers have complained about their voice hardly reaching the recipient. The microphone problem is not that you would expect but it has been found common on the Samsung Galaxy Notes and on the Samsung Galaxy S models. In some cases. the microphone works fine only when the phone is set on the Speaker mode or connected to a headset or Bluetooth. but has issues when having a normal call. If you are looking for solutions to your own #Android issue, you can contact us by using the link provided at the bottom of this page.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 J330FN Mic Ways Problem Jumper Solution:

Here are the Samsung Galaxy J3 J330FN mic ways, Mic Jumper, Microphone Problem Repair Solution Samsung Galaxy J3 J330FN Mic Ways Mic Problem Jumper Solution

Reason for the Samsung Galaxy J3 J330FN  mic not working problem?

A lot of reasons available for mic not working error comes to Samsung J330FN phone. Therefore, we give some main reason for the problem. Water damage or Water drops going in the phone (moisture) Throwing On the ground Christening in tight trousers Dust going in Mic hole Mic paths are broken or mic area spare parts Being not work

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