How To Monitor Children Using Phone Tracking App


How To Monitor Children Using Phone Tracking App

Though ideally it should be avoided, there could be situations where there might be a need to track the use of mobile phones by children. Even young children going to junior school have mobile phones these days. Hence, it is imperative to monitor the use of the mobile phones by the young ones. Additionally, since these are high tech gadgets, they could be useful in monitoring the movement of children. Hence there is a growing demand for phone tracking app solutions. While there are many brands in the market, we will be having a look at the Hoverwatch mobile tracker app. We will be finding out more about this app from many points of view.

About Hoverwatch

This is an app that keeps track of the target device. This is often referred to a phone tracking app that works perfectly with Window, Android, and Mac. The product was launched in the year 2002 by Refog. It is considered to be one of the best because it provides the best of child control facilities. We will now look at some of the features over the next few lines.

Why Do Parents Use Hoverwatch Phone Tracker App?

Monitoring the movement of children and keeping a tab about the movements of children is perhaps one of the main reasons for using the phone tracking app from Hoverwatch. In today’s world, young children are at various types of risks and therefore regular monitoring is of importance.

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Further, when the children reach juvenile age, most parents are keen on monitoring their movements, the ways in which they use the mobile phones and the persons that they are in contact with. In fine, the main objective is to ensure the safety and well being of the children. It also goes a long way in ensuring that the children are today in a world where there is too much of information and therefore it becomes quite difficult for them to differentiate between the good and the not so good.

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Why Is It Convenient To Use The Phone Tracker App? 

Though there are many such phone tracking app solutions in the market today, there are obviously some special features that go in making Hoverwatch different from others. For the information of our customers, we are stating below some of the salient features of this phone tracking application.

To begin with it is easy to use and the app can be installed in almost all modern Android, Microsoft and Apple mobile phones. Further the app can be used by all those who do not have too much knowledge about apps and how to operate them.

What Are The Main Features Of The Application Will Be Useful To Parents?

  1. Phone Keylogger: This is one of the most unique features of Hoverwatch phone tracking app. It helps the parents and guardians to remotely monitor and have a feedback about the keys that are being used by the child when the phone is in use.
  2. Geolocation Feature: This feature helps the parents to monitor the location of the children as and when they move out of the out the house. The app has the facility of tracking each and every movement of the children almost on a real time basis.
  3. Managing of SMS: The app also has the capability of managing and tracking SMS that are sent and received by the children while on the move or while they are in the house.
  4. Track Calls: Tracking calls made is another important feature of the phone tracking app from Hoverwatch. It can keep a tab of all incoming and outgoing calls. Though the actual details of the calls may not be possible to trace, it will go a long way in helping have a complete background of all the numbers that are being dialed out. It also will help in tracking incoming calls. This indeed is a wonderful safety feature that helps customers to ensure that they are able to offer the best of monitoring at all points of time.
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  1. Tracking Of Internet History: The next important task is to ensure that the internet history of the children is fully available at all points of time. This is something that becomes extremely crucial in more ways than one. The internet is one of the most dangerous zones for all children and hence there is a need to ensure that they are protected and controlled. The phone tracking app would help in ensuring that the children are made to stay away from such dangerous sites.
  2. Prices: The prices of the phone tracking app is quite reasonable and there are different packages available. You could choose from personal, professional and business packages. The cost of personal plan is around $24.95 while that of professional is $9.99 and the business plan is $6.00. All the above plans are on a monthly basis.

Why It Is Different From Others

There are some more reasons as to why the phone tracking app from Hoverwatch is different from others. To begin with, you can be sure about the invisibility of the target device. In other words, the end users whose mobile phone is being tapped will not be able to find out that his or her mobile phone is being tapped and being followed.

Conclusion And Results

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that there are different types, makes and models of phone tracking app that one needs to keep in mind.


Tracking Of Internet Browsing History

There is one more reason as to why it makes sense to use this phone tracking app from Hoverwatch. This will ensure that the children are kept on a tight leash because of various reasons.

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Other Important Reasons For Choosing 

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Apart from the above main reasons, there are a few more reasons as to why it makes sense to choose this phone tracking app from Hoverwatch. It could be helpful in taking periodic screenshots and also camera tracking. Further, if there are changes made to SIM cards, the details will also be available to the customers.

The to-do lists can also be tracked and the log in and log out details will also be saved on the target device. It is also possible to track up to five android devices with the help of a single account. You also get the facility of free trial facilities.


In fine, there is no doubt that there are many reasons for choosing this phone tracking app Hoverwatch and it certainly will be a great way to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children of all ages.

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