Samsung Galaxy J2 J200F Speaker Ways Ringer Problem Jumper Solution


Samsung Galaxy J2 J200F Speaker Ways Ringer Problem Jumper Solution

Samsung SM- J200F Speaker Ways Not Working Problem Repair Solution Ringer Ways Speaker Ic Jumper No Sound On SpeakerProblem

This troubleshooting article addresses some audio issues of the #Samsung Galaxy J2 J200F Like any smartphone, the Samsung J200F Speaker audio system can fail due to a lot of inside and outside factors. Today, we bring you three sound problems on this device so hopefully, our suggestions will help fix your own issues as well. Remember, audio problems may have different circumstances but solutions for all of them don’t vary much.

Hers’ a solution for Samsung Galaxy J2 J200F  if having an audio problem with Speaker or loudspeaker , speaker. This solution will make your troubleshooting easy and quick.

Sometimes, it is easier to find a solution when you know where the problem lies. Without an idea of where the problem is, we may not be able to troubleshoot accurately and effectively.

If the earpiece is not working or no sounds can be heard on it, you may first manually check the receiver speaker using a multimeter. If the speaker is damaged replace it. A poor, distorted or garbled sounds is also an indication of a bad speaker.

If the speaker is okay clean the speaker terminal contact pads, ensure that it has properly or good connection between the speaker’s terminal. Check the filter components, such as coils, and ESD diodes.

Samsung Galaxy J2 J200F Speaker Ways Problem Hardware Solution

Here are the Samsung J200F speaker ways and its jumper solution check continuity using a multimeter.

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Samsung Galaxy J2 J200F Speaker Ways Ringer Problem Jumper Solution

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  • Check the buzzer using a multimeter. Replace if already damaged. a distorted audio sound is a cause by a weak buzzer. or it is already burned out. (internal coil is damaged).
  • If the speaker is good and seems no problem, ensure that the terminal was not misaligned. Then clean the buzzer terminal contact pads for possible oxidation build-ups (this might weaken the connection).
  • Check each of buzzer+ and buzzer- corresponding connection line paths access to each component where it is being connected.
  • If any of the buzzer + or – track missing then make a jumper.


  • Restart your Samsung Galaxy J2 J200F phone and check.
  • Check volume settings of your phone along with your currently active profile.
  • If you are facing the issue of low or distorted sound, then just take a small pin and clear the holes of buzzer mesh, as most of the time low or distorted sound problem arises due to the dust that is stuck in buzzer mesh.

Tools Required

  • Multimeter.
  • T6 screwdriver.
  • Plastic separation tool.
  • A very small sized pin to clear the holes of buzzer mesh.
  • Jumper wire.
  • Soldering gun.
  • Heat gun.
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