Huawei Y7 Prime Test Point – Remove FRP Pattern Lock Using UMT Dongle


Huawei Y7 Prime Test Point – Remove FRP Pattern Lock Using UMT Dongle

This article shows you the way to bring Huawei Y7 Prime LDN-L21 into Test Point mode which is formerly known as Emergency Download (EDL) mode. Despite it is an advanced method, some users still prefer to use this technique to bypass the need for the officially unlocked bootloader.

Hello Huawei Y7 Prime owners, good news for you guys, now Remove Huawei Y7 Prime FRP lock, Pattern, Pin lock Using test point method very easily, we all know now Huawei Y7 Prime LDN-L21 remove pattern lock is too difficult, but now we find a way to remove it, follow the below tutorial very easily.

This method will work on the Latest Android version (we tested). If you have forgotten Pattern lock, Password, Pin lock from your Huawei Y7 Prime then follow this method to remove screen lock, We share with you very simple way to remove Pattern lock Huawei Y7 Prime but following this process, you may erase all your personal data like photos, videos, contacts, call logs and massages everything because of hard reset your Huawei Y7 Prime.

What is Screen Lock for Huawei Y7 Prime

-Screen Lock is a privacy lock for android, many ways to enable screen locks on your device if screen lock enabled then the user need to enter the right password, Pattern, Pin lock to access devices again, screen lock means you can lock your device by pattern lock, password lock, pin lock, nowadays face locks and fingerprint lock also include in the screen locks menu,

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Why we need to Remove Screen Lock

If you forget the screen locks from your device and went to remove the pattern lock from your device then I am here to share with you the right method to Remove Pattern lock, Password lock, Pin locks.


If your device shows too many attempts to unlock pattern if you want to unlock then follow the below process very carefully.

Huawei Y7 Prime Test Point – Boot Huawei Y7 Prime LDN-L21 Into Download Mode:

Huawei Y7 Prime LDN L21 test Point

  • Power off the device if possible.
  • Open back cover of dead Huawei Y7 Prime. [You may do Google to tear down Huawei Y7 Prime at home]
[Be careful at the time of removing back cover of the device and make sure you are not going to damage any hardware of the device]

Download UMT Dongle QFire Latest Setup


  • Huawei Y7 Prime Smartphone with good charge battery
  • UMT Dongle
  • Huawei Y7 Prime USB Driver
  • USB Cable
  • Computer or Laptop

How To Remove Huawei Y7 Prime FRP Lock Using MRT Dongle:

  • Open UMT Q fire Tool
  • Go to “Read & Tools” tab
  • Click on the “RESET FRP” button
  • Put your Huawei Y7 Prime in download mode by using test point Huawei Y7 Prime LDN L21 Remove FRP Pattern Lock Using UMT Dongle
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