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Career with Microsoft Exam

Do you want to become a certified database professional? Start building your database career with Microsoft Exam Exam-Labs Exam Dumps and you’ll be right on track. This specific certification exam is in-demand among students and working professionals wanting to acquire in-depth insights about database fundamentals.
Even if you are a newbie in IT or just want to try out if this sphere is right for you, 98-364 exam is what you need to opt for.

To further assist you, we’ve created a step-by-step guide that you can keep an eye all throughout your prep journey.

All the basic things you ought to know about Microsoft exam 98-364

Published in 2010, this Microsoft exam has been running for almost a decade, making it one of the most imperative certification exams. The current price is at $127, with multiple available languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, German, among others. Exam 98-364 leads you to an MTA certification, which is closely associated with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

The perfect aspirants for this exam

Another important aspect is to know whether you are the right fit for the exam. Though it’s just an MTA certification, it’s best that you are equipped with a basic understanding of databases, particularly in Microsoft SQL Server. Supply yourself with introductory information about its related technologies through various courses and hands-on training. Most of these materials are provided in Microsoft Visual Studio and MDSN for easier reference. So, before you pursue the Microsoft certification path, it’s highly recommended that you have minimal experience working with databases so you will be more adept with your grounding.

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The fundamental concepts and functions of the exam

Microsoft exam 98-364 is such a vital factor in learning the fundamental concepts of database. Through this exam, you will know how various database features work, including how to comprehend Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language, and Relational Database Management Systems as a whole.

In addition, you will practice your skills in crafting database objects such as views, tables, and stored procedures as well as modify, update, and delete data. The exam will also allow you to be more familiar with data storage through a thorough discussion of subjects like normalization, indexes, and keys. Lastly, it will be your way to obtain valuable knowledge on how to efficiently administer a database through understanding vital security concepts and backup types.

The most beneficial online resources for an effective preparation

  • Official training course 40364A

Validate your database fundamentals with a 3-day training course administered by a Microsoft instructor. Within this limited time duration, you will build up your knowledge in database essentials, including database objects, data storage, and data administration. This course is very favorable in earning a vital understanding of the main exam objectives, along with the exam sub-topics. And, you’ll appreciate the classroom training even more because it features the same modules listed in the Microsoft Official Academic Course of exam 98-364. Each module highlights each main topic so you understand everything from head to toe.

  • Microsoft-endorsed practice test

Practice tests are created to check whether you have fully understood the exam topics. Subsequently, Microsoft delivers a practice exam that will measure your knowledge level and exam readiness. With references to MSDN and Microsoft Support, this official online material features 122 questions that will seriously fortify your comprehension about database fundamentals. The breakdown of the questions is as follows: Core database concepts (29 questions, data storage (21 questions), data manipulation (31 questions), and data administration (13 questions). Now that you know the number of questions per objective, you’ll know that the exam puts great value on data manipulation. So, you better give extra time mastering this specific topic. The practice test also features an instant scoring report to help you put more time on areas that need improvement.

  • Exam-Labs online resources
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For more practice tests, get your hands on the exam dumps provided by Exam-Labs. It’s extremely instrumental that you only use quality test content when gearing up for your exam. Thus, Exam-Labs stocks IT professionals with various online resources for their certification exams, and these include Microsoft exam 98-364. For this particular exam, you can find a premium bundle that provides you a robust explanation of the exam topics through excellent dumps and training lectures. The exam dumps consist of top-rated questions from industry professionals. These questions are then simulated through an online performance-based test that highlights an interactive work environment experience, which is pretty much the same as the real exam. And of course, each question comes with detailed explanations to reinforce your learning. At Exam-Labs you can start with using free exam dumps first, to check if these files cover all exam objectives. Still, note that this online platform is considered to be a trustworthy one among exam candidates.

  • Free and informative online videos

If you have extra time, make it more productive by watching online videos about Microsoft database and SQL Server. Often than not, there might be some questions in the exam that will catch you off-guard because these are not explicitly included in the exam objectives. Therefore, you should always see to it that you utilize other materials aside from the official training references. YouTube, specifically, is one of the best online platforms that collect plenty of informative videos for exam 98-364. These videos are also impeccable sources of insights that cover all the exam objectives.

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The remarkable benefits of an MTA certification

Having an MTA certification showers you with more than just an internationally-acclaimed validation. It provides you an amazing groundwork for your IT specialization, to help you craft your career as a database professional. With in-depth groundwork of Microsoft technologies, it will be easier for you to take on other certification exams that lead to the MCSA certifications designed for professionals already and which will further support you in your career path.


A Microsoft database professional is definitely an exciting career to partake. So, it’s best that you begin your preparation as early as now so you’ll reach your career goals as fast as you can! And by passing 98-364 exam with the best exam dumps you’ll gain that your MTA: Database Fundamentals credential. Be ready for a bright and better future ahead!

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