TV Buddy Caster vs. Regular Cable Subscription


TV Buddy Caster vs. Regular Cable

Cable television is an innovation in tv viewing introduced in the 1960s and 1970s. Before that time, watching tv programs outside of a jurisdictional frequency was practically unheard of.

However, sixty years after its introduction to the mass market, is cable tv still the way to go to have that amazing viewing experience?

The answer is an astounding NO!

With the availability of the TV Buddy Caster in the market, streaming your favorite shows and services on demand has become the new norm, and going the usual cable tv subscription route has been quite limiting and is proving to be counterproductive.

Here are the reasons why you should pick the TV Buddy Caster over the regular cable subscription:

1. Easy Connectivity

Cable subscriptions require a whole level of hullabaloo and production to install the whole system. First, you have to make a series of phone calls then experience being put on hold and transferred from one customer representative to another. Next, you go through the tedious task of going through several dates in order to arrive at a workable schedule just to be able to book the person who will do the installation. Once you manage actually to book the installation date, you will be forced to take a leap of faith by allowing complete strangers to roam around your house in order to complete all the wiring required for their system to work. That is just for the installation of the hardware, it may take a while for the configuration to be fixed, and that just means you have to allot a day for you to be able actually to use your tv.

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According to customers and online tv buddy reviews With the TV Buddy Caster, installation is a breeze. Known as a plug and play system, you simply plug the device into your HDMI port, connect your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and start enjoying the benefits of having a smart TV. This means that you will not need a whole IT Department or several days in order to configure it. This system removes the guesswork and makes the whole experience as enjoyable, easy, and fun as possible by allowing you to use your mobile device as a remote control. This device acts as a mirror so that you can access your files and applications as they are available on your other handy gadgets.

Also, it is compatible with both iOS as well as Android operating systems.

2. Reliable Connection

Since the TV Buddy Caster does not rely on wires and routers in order to function, the connectivity and transition between your television set and other mobile devices are seamless. It does not depend on the availability of other physical structures or modems.

This device lets you watch your preferred shows in full high definition and great sound quality with no delays, no interruptions, and no holdups.

TV Buddy11

3.No Monthly Subscription Fees

Under a regular cable subscription, it requires monthly fees in order for the customer to continuously enjoy their services (subscription on the cable will be on top of data charges should you choose to avail of premium services). But with TV Buddy Caster does not have such a requirement. Once the device has been purchased, there are no hidden charges, and therefore, this device is a money-saving tool.

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Plus, you will not be bothered by telemarketer urging you to bundle up your cable subscription with other services such as telephone connections or Internet subscriptions. You get no more pesky calls during dinner or while you are in the shower, in order to implore you to answer survey questionnaires to assess the quality of service, connectivity, functionality, etc.

Likewise, your viewing preference is not monitored. There are no commercial breaks, and no feeling of being watched over because the data you input into the device will not be divulged anywhere. Your connection is secured and safe.

4.On-Demand Viewing

Remember the good old days when you have to buy a TV guide at the grocery store just to make sure when your movie is playing and planning your whole month according to that schedule? It’s a laughable concept nowadays and is practically unheard of. Cable subscription does not cater to your demands unless you order it on pay per view, which, again, will be billed on top of your regular subscription. It is such a financial drain.


These days, on-demand is the way to go. There is no waiting for your movie schedule to be available. There is no need to tape your favorite shows on the VCR just because it coincides with other activities. Through your choice of streaming service, you simply look for the movie or show you want to watch, then sit back, relax, and enjoy. It is the availability of the content you want to enjoy, when you want it and how you want it.

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5. Access to Movies, Pictures, and Files on Your Other Devices

This is simply not available on any cable subscription service. Since cable subscription services are a stand-alone product, accessibility and connectivity to other devices are practically non-existent. You cannot view the contents of your mobile devices on your television screen. It is just not possible. There is no way for the cables to effectively translate the data on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop so that it can be seen on your tv sets.

6. Customized Viewing

Cable subscriptions can give you 300 channels, but do you watch all these? Is it even in a language you can understand? Does it give you the information you need? You probably will need a catalog just to keep track of the number that corresponds to the channel. Chances are, out of the 300 channels you get, you only really get to enjoy about a dozen. The rest are just padded additions, which, to be honest, does not add value to your viewing preferences.

However, via the internet and choose only the services you want that suit your personality and preferences, there will be no unnecessary channels on your television screens. You get the contents that you want and need when you want it.

With TV Buddy Caster, the future of TV viewing is here. one more great solution to expand your TV channels is to get a Livewave Antenna, it’s affordable and works very well, read more about Livewave Antenna reviews at

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