Samsung Galaxy J7 J710M Touch Key Ways Home And Back Button Jumper


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The keys on the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M are touch buttons that light up with each tap. These keys light up when the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime is turned on, If you have touch keys by the Home button or the return key and those lights don’t turn on or seem to not be working, then below we’ll explain how you can fix this problem.
Just refer to the solution given below and track said main home key line roads.

Only manage to apply a jumper wire in places where the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570Mconnecting said power key.

Samsung Galaxy J7 J710M Home Key Not Working Problem
Samsung Galaxy J7 Touch Button Ways

Samsung Galaxy J7 J710M Touch Key Ways Home And Back Button Solution:

Samsung Galaxy J7 J710M Touch Key Ways Home And Back Button Jumper

Another reason is the dust and other small things which go under the Samsung Galaxy J7 J710M Touch Key. All the dust which is inside breaks the connection between the button and the circuit. This way the button becomes unresponsive. The dust prevents it from working correctly. To fix it, take a small microfiber cloth and try wiping the home button.

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Samsung Galaxy J7 J710M Touch Key Ways, Solution, Problem Jumper, Not Working Problem Repair Ways

When you disassemble the phone and check strip jack as shown in the above diagram you may find some carbon or rust in it. So make it clean and apply heat with heat gun to make it dry.

Hints to fix Samsung Galaxy J7 J710M Touch Keys Problem Repair Solution:

Check/clean the keypad PCB matrix.
Clean/replace the keypad membrane.

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