Should I use a VPN on my Smartphone?



Many people assume that VPNs are just for desktop computers. However, to help protect your smartphone or tablet from a cyberattack, installing a good VPN will prove to be a helpful tool. 

A person uses a VPN on their computer or smart device to connect to a server that allows them to hide their IP address when going online. A good VPN will have servers located all over the world, giving the user a lot of options for different, safe servers. 

A VPN is not only used to boost your device’s privacy and security, but it can also have many advantages when you are gaming with your smart device, when you’re working remotely, and when you are connecting to a public WiFi network.

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When I am using an iPhone or an Android device, is my Private Data Secure?

Many of us have our smartphones connected to the internet 24/7. We use it for browsing the web, checking emails, looking at our social media account, banking, etc. We often input private details into our smartphones like passwords, credit card details, and private emails. 

Unfortunately, a cybercriminal can take advantage of their skills and steal this information. Cybertheft is extremely common these days. You are more likely to become a victim of cyber theft than you are to get your car stolen or to be involved in a car accident. So, the chances of this happening are high, especially if you connect your mobile device to a public network. Even if the network is secured, your device is still not completely secured. 

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Installing a VPN on your device will help you reduce the risk of a cyber attack. It will allow you to connect to a public WiFi network without having to worry about somebody else gaining access to your sensitive data. 

What Advantages Does a VPN have when Gaming on a Smart Device?

Gaming on iPhones, Android tablets, or smartphones is a massive industry nowadays. People of all ages like to play online games like Clash of the Clans, Free Fire, and Candy Crush. Sometimes, games only allow you to join a network for you to play the game in your region. If you go to a different location, you may not be able to access the game. Some gaming companies use geo-blocking technology.

Game developers do this because the game might not yet be released in the area. The game might be in a different language in the region that you are in. With popular games, the network might be full of fellow gamers so it can’t handle extra players.

If you purchase a VPN you’ll be able to decide what location you would like your server to be in. If you want to play from a location in your area you can choose a server that is based close by. Understand that not all VPNs have secure servers all over the world, however, the better VPN services seem to offer plenty of options. 

A VPN will also prove beneficial when you want to download a new game that is not yet available in your region but is in other parts of the world. 

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Is your Smart Device Ransomware-Proof?

Ransomware cyber attacks have become a common problem. Hackers manage to lock your phone or send you pictures of yourself, demanding money to give you back your missing data they have stolen from your device. It is very difficult for your local authorities to find the culprits and it would be very hard to have your money returned. Even after you pay the ransom and your sensitive data is returned, there is no guarantee that the hacker might come back and ask for more money. The criminals tend to use a cryptocurrency that can’t be traced. 

By installing a VPN on your smartphone you are much less likely to become a victim of a mobile ransomware attack. 


The majority of us don’t leave our homes with our doors unlocked in case an intruder was to break in. So why should we leave our smartphones, which we use day in day out, vulnerable to cyber-attacks? Many of us input or store sensitive data on our devices, and if a hacker was to access this information it could prove detrimental. 

Good VPNs are rarely free, but most cost very little to purchase. To help secure your smart device, purchasing a decent VPN might prove to be well worth it.

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