Rust Guide: How to Get Started, Beginners Hints and Tips


How to Get Started

Knowing a few rust tips are essential if you want to survive in this brutal survival game. You will first enter the world of rust as a weak and feeble, non-immune person without any rust food and equipped only with a rock and torch. This will make you an easy victim to other rust players.

But don’t worry! If you are searching for a reliable Rust guide to play like a pro, then here is your best guide to follow. This guide covers the entire learning process from how to get started along with beginner’s hints and guides. Moreover, if you want to know more on the subject, you can visit the rust hack from AimClub.

Rust was initially released in 2013, yet it has remained one of the most entertaining and challenging survival games. But to play efficiently, you have to follow a beginner’s guide. Hence, we have compiled a few essential tips and hints you must follow as a beginner in the game.

  1. Go for a beginner-friendly server: The first step in Rust is to select a server to play on. This is where most beginners make mistakes, as most of them go for a highly populated server that is generally full of experienced players. As a beginner, you will need some time to figure out how not to get repeatedly killed right after spawning. Therefore, go for a beginner-friendly server at the initial stage.
  2. Hit the right spot while gathering stone and wood to get more: After you create your first spawn point, you should start gathering woods and stone by hitting large boulders and trees with your starting tool, the rock. You will need these woods and stones to build your first custom tools like- pickaxe and hatchet.
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Gathering resources by only hitting the boulders would be a long and dangerous process. Therefore try to hit the red cross on the tree and the sparkles that appear on the stones. Hitting the cross and sparkles would earn you more wood and stone.

  1. Create a sleeping bag for a respawn point: A sleeping bag is one of the very first items you will need in Rust. You can create a custom respawn point by one on the ground. If you get a sleeping bag early, it will save the trouble of respawning on the beach and the walk back.

Sleeping bags can be made with thirty clothes. You can gather the clothes from the hemp plants in sacks often; hence you will need only three sacks to make the sleeping bags. Beginners easily overlook the hemp plants, so make sure to look at the picture well before starting your Rust adventure.

  1. Prioritize gathering woods to build your needs: You should start gathering woods after making the pickaxe and hatchet. These are the only two resource materials you will need to develop your base material. You can create a building foundation, building plan, wooden door, walls, campfire, wooden lock, and a storage box with these two resources.
  2. Select the right spot for your first base: Your base location has a lot of influence on your game’s success. A well-hidden place with plenty of resources is an ideal base spot. However, don’t go too far in search of such a place as you’ll have chances of getting killed.

A forest is the best place to make your base, giving you cover and lots of materials. On the other hand, snowy areas are hard to survive for new players without ample clothes, and the desert is also a dangerous place to make your first base.

  1. Use double doors in the base to protect your stuff: If you see a player better equipped than you, the best thing to do would be to run to your base. It also is a bit risky because if the other player finds you, you can get killed. To avoid getting killed, you should create an airlock as soon as possible.
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Additionally, build two rooms with locked doors and keep your resources in the last one. This strategy will keep your stash protected from the enemy player even if he/she enters the first room.


The aforementioned are some of the essential tips and hints for beginners who have just started to play Rust. Hopefully, you will find this guide beneficial and use them while playing. For more such updates, stay tuned to our page, and for more queries, don’t forget to leave your comments.

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