Samsung Galaxy A10s A107F Speaker Ways | Repair Ringer Problem


Hello, mobile technician here we will share Samsung Galaxy A10s A107F Audio problem speaker output ways, solution for not working ringer, buzzer, or hands-free speaker problem. This solution may help on how to troubleshoot and repair the phone handset.

A ring speaker is a part that can produce sound on the phone, while we are making phone calls, playing videos, listening to music, playing games, listening to the results of sound recordings, and others.

Samsung Galaxy A10s A107F is one of the best smartphones by Samsung. and people really love it. It has great features but still, its users are facing some problems and issues. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to fix Samsung Galaxy A31 sound issues. If your phone has no sound or you are experiencing sound and volume issues of any kind here are some things that you can try.

Reasons of Samsung Galaxy A10s A107F Audio And Speaker Problems

  • Speakerphone that has suffered damage.
  • The line on a flexible cable or PCB board.
  • Damaged internal components.

Damage can occur in leaves some factors include damage to speaker parts, damage to the internal components of the phone, or there could be damage to the disconnected path on the Samsung Galaxy A10s A107F PCB board.

To Repair The Damage Samsung Galaxy A10s SM-A107F Ringer Problem Speakers With A Jumper Way

1. Check The Speaker Part Ringer

For the first step can do a check on the speaker part of the Samsung Galaxy A10s A107F smartphone. Take measurements by using the Multimeter device on the ring speaker, when the measurement results indicate that the ring speaker is damaged.

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Samsung Galaxy A10s A107F Speaker Ways   Repair Ringer Problem

Replace with the new part immediately, this can be one of the ringing speaker triggers that do not produce sound.

2. Inspect The Component And Apply The Way Jumper

For corrective steps in this way, can be done following the diagram image listed, check all the components that are in the Ring Speaker section path, take measurements, if found defective parts immediately replace with new components Same value.

And also perform checks on the path, ring speakers, if there are found damaged and disconnected paths due to rust and water corrosion, then it can be done with the way jumper so that the ring speaker path condition is back to normal.

3. Replace Audio Ic

If after checking the speaker part of the ringer, components, and paths but the conditions are in good condition. Most likely there is damage to the audio IC, audio Ic is a chip component that generates sound ringing speaker.

You can do audio IC switching on a Samsung Galaxy A10s to fix the speaker ringer’s not working malfunction.

To make a component substitution, line jumper, or audio IC switching please do so carefully.
Such information and repair solution mobile phone Samsung Galaxy A10s A107F speaker ringer problem. Hopefully, this information can be useful for all of you, thanks.


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