Samsung Galaxy A02 A022F Backlight Ways | Repair Display Light Problem


Here we will show you the solution to repair Samsung Galaxy A02 A022F Backlight Ways Backlight not working problem LCD light ways and display related issues in case you are going to troubleshoot display problems such blank display, dark screen display, white screen (with tones), No backlight LED that is resulted from due to wet damaged or accidentally dropped issues by the users.

The problem of damage with no backlight is often symptomatic like an LCD that has no display, the LCD screen becomes white. Or in general, there is no light produced by the LCD screen but the ringing and notification sound can still be heard.

What Is An Samsung Galaxy A02 A022F Backlight Or Display?

To start with, an LCD is the digital display interface of your phone, it is the interactive part where you see what goes on as you operate or tap on an icon, watch a video, play music or games, etc. When the LCD (liquid crystal display) is faulty or damaged, you one won’t be able to enjoy it as before. This is where the LCD backlight comes in, the backlight is a series of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) well arranged and suited in the screen layers to give illumination to the LCD screen.

Samsung Galaxy A0 Display Light Problem Solution

To fix the dark screen Samsung Galaxy A02 A022F backlight problem, you may first try to replace or install a new Display screen module, to easily confirm if the LCD’s backlight LED’s were still working or already damaged. You can also check the LED’s using the multimeter if you can manage without damaging the LCD flex connector. If the newly installed LCD still shows the same problem and the LED light doesn’t light up, refer to the solution below and locate the highlighted components on the PCB board.

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Some Possibles Reason Why Samsung Galaxy A02 A022F Backlight Or Display Not Working:

  • The result of a dropped phone.
  • The phone falls and the screen breaks.
  • Oppo phones are exposed to liquids or water.
  • Damage to internal components Oppo A15.

Step 1- Replace Screen Samsung Galaxy A02 A022F

Perform screen switching, if there is a rupture or crack on the screen of the Samsung phone display light problem is a common problem in smart-phone, mostly this problem comes when the handset drop-in water or any type of liquid damage. When any smartphone has a display light problem you will check first off all display connectors or motherboard connectors for shorting or line brack in LCD lite or graphics way. If All those Lines are ok you will check your mobile for water damage, Water damage to mobile handset has many types of problems LCD back lite problem is a common problem in this condition. this can be the possibility of the cause of no display damage.

Step 2- Reinstall The Firmware On The Samsung Phone

No backlight damage on an Android phone could be caused by an error in the operating system found on the phone. Then you can re-install to solve the problem.

Step 3- Check The Lcd Screen Connection

After that try to check the entire socket on the PCB board, especially on the LCD display socket. Could possibly There is corrosion or rust contained in the socket, immediately do the cleaning using the liquid alcohol and assisted by brushing, so that the socket condition is clean again, and do a resoldering when the socket encountered detached.

Step 4- Check Circuit And Voltage

Samsung Galaxy A02 A022F Backlight Ways   Repair Display Light Problem
The following repair step can try to check the line on the Android phone PCB board Samsung Galaxy A02 A022F which is experiencing no backlight damage.
In the diagram image of the path that is connected to each component, you can do the examination by using the Multimeter. When encountered damage to the track, then it can be done jumper path, for normal return conditions.
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Step 5- Replace Component

With the diagram drawing guide, you can perform checks on interconnected components. If there is a defective component after checking and measuring using a multimeter. You can make changes to The new component with the same value. Hopefully with a guide through the diagram image that has been given. You have got the best solution to the problem. Please note, Do check on any phone damage carefully, in order to avoid increased damage and will harm yourself. Thanks.
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