Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F Mic Ways | Repair Mic Not Working Problem


Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F Mic Ways, Mic Problem Repair Solution, Slow Voice In Microphone

Samsung SM-M205F microphone problem can cause interference on the mobile device you use to make phone calls, video calls, or voice recordings.On this microphone problem damage, our voice cannot reach on the mobile device of our talking opponent. The problem of microphone damage on Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F is due to exposure to water or corrosion and rust in the mic line. Maybe some of you have the same problem condition on Samsung Galaxy phone. Where the microphone can not work properly makes it difficult when making a phone call.

The microphone on the Android phone Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F is paired together with a PCB motherboard. The microphone itself acts as a sound input medium when you use your phone to call or voice and video. Obviously, if the microphone function is not functioning properly it will be difficult for you to run the activity using the Samsung Galaxy A20 A205F smartphone.

Problems That Often Occur In The Phone Microphone:

  • The microphone doesn’t work at all.
  • Small or no sound results if you do a sound recording.
  • Your voice is not heard by the person at the time of a phone call.
Changing the Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F mic can be a little tricky. It is soldered to the motherboard so if you remove it remember its placing position and put the new microphone the same way the old one was. If you have broken prints of the microphone connection points I have marked all of them in the diagram below. Please note that we will edit these solutions or add new ones if found on this page at any time in the future. So feel free to come back any time on this page to stay up to date.
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Samsung Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F Mic Ways – Microphone Not Working Problem Solution:

Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F Mic Ways   Repair Mic Not Working Problem
A mic or microphone problem can also result from a bad contact, meaning that there is either a partial or total disconnection between the microphone and the interface it is supposed to be connected to.  What you would simply do in this case would be to just tighten the phone more with a screwdriver, or you locate disconnection and solder appropriately, and with that, your phone’s mouthpiece would be back to normal.

Solution And How To Repair That Can Be Done For Mic Damaged Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F

1. Use The Headset

The initial solution to overcome a malfunctioning mic. You can use a cabled headset or a Bluetooth headset if you want to make a telephone call or voice and video calls. It’s a little troublesome but it can still be done for the anticipating steps.

2. Do A Hard Reset

In the next step, you can try to do a hard reset on the Android Samsung Galaxy M20. The microphone should cause interference with the phone software. But before doing a hard reset, it is advisable to backup the important data that belongs to your Samsung phone.

3. Check And Replace The Microphone Components

If doing a Hard reset has not given the best results for the mic problem that does not work. Then it is recommended that you check the microphone component on the Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F phone.
Do dismantle the Samsung Galaxy M20 M205F Phone and immediately check the mic component. In the diagram picture has Mobilerdx Team has given, you can observe the path indicated. Perform measurements with multimeter tools. If the path condition is disconnected immediately do the line jumper. Damage to the pathway can be caused by water or moist air to appear as corrosion and rust.
But if the microphone path condition is fine, then you should immediately replace the mic component with the new part. You can buy it in the store of mobile phone spare parts or through the online store. Or you can also do the mic line jumper by using a 2-pin microphone with additional resistor components.
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