How to Choose a Solar Panel Provider: Everything You Need to Know


How to Choose a Solar Panel Provider

Did you know that around 3% of the energy in the United States comes from solar panels? By 2030, around one out of seven homes will have a solar system installed on the roof.

Installing solar panels on your roof can reduce your environmental impact, save money on your utility bills, and give you a reliable power source during severe weather. While there are many benefits to installing solar panels, they are an investment.

Are you wondering how to choose a solar panel provider? If so, keep reading to learn more about installing solar panels on your roof.

Determine Your Needs

Before you start searching for a solar panel provider, you should determine your needs. Do you want to power your entire house with solar energy, or do you want a backup for when the power goes out?

How much energy you want to create will determine how many panels you need. As you install more solar panels, the price of your solar system will increase.

Before you start working with solar panel companies, you should determine your budget. The sunlight your home gets and how much weight your roof can handle will also impact how many solar panels you can install.

Create a List of Options

Once you determine your needs, you can create a list of options. To find solar panel companies, you can ask family and friends, search online, and ask local businesses.

Don’t forget to include both local and national solar panel installers. Whether you write your list on paper or use computer spreadsheets, include a space for notes, phone numbers, and quotes.

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Compare Local and National Providers

When looking for the best solar panel company, you should compare local and national providers. There are pros and cons to both, so choose what best fits your needs.

National providers are typically large, established businesses. This means they have plenty of solar panel experience, offer good warranties, and have more customer support. If you would prefer to work with a national provider, the linked company could be a good option.

Local solar panel companies have a better understanding of local permit laws and weather. They also may be able to install your solar panels faster, and if you have questions, you can visit their office.

Check Credentials

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a solar provider is their credentials. Most states require solar panel installers to have a general electricity license.

Some states also may require companies to have a solar panel installation license. Before you start finding solar companies, determine the requirements where you live.

Make sure you check on the state, county, and city levels. You also can ask companies about any relevant certifications they have completed.

Before choosing a company, make sure they have business insurance. This will cover your home if the company damages your roof or messes up your landscaping while installing solar panels.

Read Online Reviews

Another factor to consider when choosing a solar provider is online reviews. Reading reviews is a great way to determine if a solar company is right for you.

Look for online reviews that mention communication and professionalism. You also should look for reviews that mention how the company handles warranties and customer complaints.

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If the company has more negative reviews than positive ones, you should consider choosing someone else. You can find reviews on a contractor’s website and social media pages.

Learn About Financing Options

Before you choose a solar panel installer, you should compare financing options. Solar panels are expensive, and unless you have saved up the money, you will need to finance them.

One of the best ways to finance solar panels is with a personal loan. You can get personal loans from your bank, credit union, private lender, or solar panel company.

When comparing financing options from solar panel companies, look at the interest rate, fees, and loan terms. If a company isn’t willing to help you with financing, it may not be the right fit.

If you can’t afford to install solar panels, consider leasing instead. When you lease solar panels, you don’t own them. This allows you to avoid upfront costs, but you won’t qualify for tax rebates.

Consider Warranties

Before you install solar panels on your roof, you should consider warranties. Solar panels are expensive, so you want to make sure you are covered if they break after a couple of years.

Most solar manufacturers offer a warranty on their products, and solar panel companies offer a warranty on the installation. Before choosing an installer, ask what they cover and for how long.

While some contractors only cover installation mistakes, others cover your solar panels for all issues. National solar panel installers may have better warranties than local companies.

Compare Quotes

The last thing to consider when choosing a solar panel provider is pricing. Ask each company for a quote so that you can make comparing solar panel installation costs easier.

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The quote should include the cost of supplies, labor, and permit fees. To get a quote, most solar companies will come to your house. They will look at your roof, determine your energy usage, and ask about your needs.

While pricing is important, you shouldn’t base your decision on cost. Choosing a low-cost option could result in poor installation, low-quality panels, and bad warranties.

Now You Can Choose a Solar Panel Provider

Installing solar panels is ideal if you want to reduce your electricity bills, lower your carbon footprint, and increase your house value. To choose a solar panel provider, determine your needs, check their credentials, and read online reviews.

Are you ready to compare your options for solar providers? Check out our blog for more information on renewable energy.




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