Samsung Galaxy F42 5G Test Point to Remove Pattern, FRP And Flashing


In this guide, we will show you the real image of the Isp pinout and test point for the Samsung Galaxy F42 E426B. By using the Testpoint, you can easily restore the stock ROM, bypass FRP lock, Remove MDM Lost Mode (Device Lock, No Downloads Mode, No Recovery), and Remove FRP Direct by UFS.

On MediaTek (MTK) devices, the download mode is a special mode that allows the device to be connected to a computer and have firmware or other software updates applied to it. To enter download mode on an MTK device, you will typically need to use a combination of hardware buttons on the device itself, or use test points to establish a connection with the device’s internal components.

To enter download mode on an MTK device using test points, you will need a specialized tool such as a JTAG debugger or a USB-to-serial adapter, as well as knowledge of the device’s circuit board and test point locations. Once you have these tools and knowledge, you can use the test points to establish a connection with the device’s internal components and then use specialized software on your computer to apply firmware or other updates to the device.

It is important to note that attempting to use test points or enter download mode on an MTK device without proper knowledge or equipment can cause damage to the device. If you are not a trained technician or engineer, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional to perform any firmware updates or other tasks that require access to the device’s test points.

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How To Remove Samsung Galaxy F42 5G  Pattern Lock and  FRP:

You can use the EFT dongle, UMT dongle, octopus FRP tool, or MRT key tool to remove FRP and pattern lock from Samsung Galaxy F42 or you can try other tools use the above test point to boot your phone in an emergency download mode remove Battery short test point to the ground and insert USB cable.

Samsung Galaxy F42 Test Point – Boot Into Download Mode:

How To Find Samsung Galaxy F42 5G Test Point.

  • Install “Samsung Galaxy F42 5G MTK USB Drivers” on windows pc.
  • Remove back panel of the device carefully. Make sure you are not going to damage any hardware component.
  • Now check the below screenshot and find the Samsung Galaxy F42 5G Test points.

Samsung Galaxy F42 5G Test Point to Remove Pattern FRP And Flashing

  • Remove the battery and Short bot points using any copper wire and attach a USB cable at the same time.
  • Now you are free to flash stock ROM on Infinix Hot 12 mobile using any tool.

Uses Of Samsung Galaxy F42 5G Test Point

  • Install stock ROM on Samsung Galaxy F42.
  • Flash Samsung Galaxy F42 5G without unlocking the bootloader. Bootloader unlocking permission not required.
  • Recovery dead ISamsung Galaxy F42 5G by flashing firmware.
  • Install stock ROM easily, if the device is not able to boot into fastboot mode or device stuck on Samsung Logo.

What is Screen Lock for Samsung Galaxy F42 5G:

Screen Lock is a privacy lock for android, many ways to enable screen locks on your device if screen lock enabled then the user need to enter the right password, Pattern, Pin lock to access devices again, screen lock means you can lock your device by pattern lock, password lock, pin lock, nowadays face locks and fingerprint lock also include in the screen locks menu.  

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