iPhone 5 Home Button Not Working Problem Ways Soution

Iphone 5 Home Button Jumper Problem Ways Solution
iPhone 5 Home Button Ways – damage to the battery connector lines are very rare, damage to the battery connector is usually occurs due to water damage, the following tips for I phone 5 Battery Connector problem.
 “any damage resulting from the tips is not our responsibility”
Hardware Solution:
iphone5 home button ways jumper solution

When you dis assemble the phone and check strip jack as shown in above diagram you may find some carbon or rust in it. So make it clean and apply heat with heat gun to make it dry.

And follow steps given in diagram to solve Iphone 5 home key button solution with jumpers.

Check one by one lane on the battery as this picture above, check carefully, if there is a path-breaking, do the jumper as shown. good luck.
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