iPhone 6 Mic Solution Ways Problem Ic Jumper


iPhone 6 Mic Solution Ways Problem Ic Jumper and Trick – If your phone’s voice can not be heard by others is usually damage around the microphone. when ever our voice can not reach to destination mobile phone or we can not record our own voice in voice recorder of cell phone it means it Mic not working. well, if you find a problem like this does not need to be confused because we has provided a diagram that you can practice right in your garage.

Dry your Apple iPhone 6 with a dry towel to eliminate any visible traces of water or moisture.
Remove battery
Clean all the openings (Headphone port, Charging port etc.) with the help of cotton buds in order to eliminate all possible traces of water and moisture completely.
Check the MIC hole opening is dust free. If MIC hole is dusty or damaged then clean with PCB cleaner.

iPhone 6 Mic Solution Ways Problem Ic Jumper

iPhone 6 Mic Solution Ways Problem Ic Jumper
Solution By buds_guy

How to fix the microphone on the iPhone 6
Check the microphone (if you please replace defective)
Check the path, see picture for how to check line microphone
Check the associated resistors (if there is any damage, please replace with a similar take on other phones)
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iPhone 6 Mic Solution Jumper Problem Ways Mic Not Working Microphone
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