iPhone 6 Camera Problem Repair Solution Ways


iPhone 6 Camera Problem Repair Solution Ways
iPhone 6 Camera Ways Camera Jumper iPhone 6 Camera Not Working Problem Camera Problem Repair Solution

Apple iPhone 6 camera problems are not very usual but they can occur sometimes. Like if you drop your iPhone 6 camera connector can be damaged. Normally changing the camera connector solves this problem but if its prints are damaged then you have to make jumpers to their respective connecting points.

Now you will notice that some of the camera connector legs jumpers are not marked in the diagram. That is because I could not trace their source and the others are just ground. Anyway, I have managed to trace all the important points and made the jumpers lines with different colors to make it easy to understand. Black colored marked jumpers are always Ground points.

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Here are iPhone 6 camera connector ways. Please study these diagrams very carefully before you start repairing.

iPhone 6 Camera Problem Repair Solution Ways Jumper

iPhone 6 Camera Problem Repair Solution Ways


I Phone 6 Camera Problem Jumper Solution
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How To Fix Camera Problem In iPhone 6

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