Lenovo Tab 7 FRP Lock Remove – Without Any Box


Lenovo Tab 7 FRP Lock Remove – Without Any Box

This article will guide you how to delete the Google account Lenovo Tab7 7304F Remove factory reset protection byepass google account, factory reset using sp flash tool method.

Lenovo Tab 7 FRP Lock Remove Without Any Box

Sp flash tool can unlock Lenovo Tab7 frp lock without any issue. Just follow all the below instructions as it is to bypass Lenovo Tab7 7304F Google account verification using sp flash tool and frp scatter file. Best part of this method is that tool is free and every user can unlock Lenovo Tab7 7304F their own home. No need to go to repair center to unlock your device.

SP Flash Tool For FRP Unlock in MTK – Bypass FRP

The term FRP is so popular nowadays since a large number of Android users are on the latest Android operating system. FRP-Factory Reset Protection is a security feature on Android 5 Lollipop and above devices that is triggered when a device with a synchronized Google account is reset via the recovery menu/fastboot. The device automatically flags it as a theft or an insecure action. So, after the reset, the device will prompt for the most recent synchronized Google account to be verified. It protects your device from unauthorized access but unfortunately, it can be bypassed.

Required Files:

1. Download and extract the following file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p1V5_PwU9ZkqZ8RWZ5fKm3sDko7JD4rH/view
2. Download Flashtool SP :SP Flash Tool v5.1820.00 

How to Unlock Lenovo Tab7 7304F with SP Flash Tool:

  1. First, Install Driver_Auto_Installer_EXE_v5.1632.00
  2. Now, Download SP Flash tool.
  3. Now, Next step is to Download MTK Firmware.
  4. After Installation Run SP Flash tool.
  5. Select the MTK_FRP_DA.bin file which in FRP software folder
  6. Select the scatter file which in FRP software folder
  7. Select the download mode to “Download Only”.  Only check to the frp file, don’t check preloader file.  Click “Download” button.  Keep pressing the volume + and then connect the device and PC by USB cable, loosen the volume + until the progress bar appears.
    Lenovo Tab 7 FRP Lock Remove
  8. Once below right dialog display, the flash success. You can disconnect device from PC, and power on it. It may need several minutes before enter Welcome interface, please wait, don’t do any action.
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