Itel A45 FRP Unlock Oreo 8.1.0 With FRP File and Tool


Itel A45 FRP Unlock Oreo 8.1.0 With FRP File and Tool

Itel A45 FRP Unlock Oreo 8.1.0 With FRP File and Tool

Too many users facing Itel A45 FRP lock issue to there devices and find solution in Google, so finally we found a solution to Itel A45 FRP Unlock, follow the below guide step by step if you need a great solution to Unlock FRP lock from your device even without using any box, This is the latest method that we found while we try to Bypass FRP Itel A45.
Make Sure:- This process only for the device owner,

Attention: Bypass FRP Files not responsible for any damage on your device please try this at your own risk.

Note:- This method we tried to Bypass FRP Itel A45.

Why we need to Bypass FRP

FRP is (Factory Reset Protection) for our Latest Android devices, if you forget the Pattern, Password and fingerprint lock for this you have to hard reset your device by using keys, after you hard reset your device then you need to enter the previously synced Gmail ID to using your access your device home screen once again, then why we need to Bypass? its very simple answer if we forget the Gmail ID that we enter synced previously on our device, then you need to Itel A45FRP Unlock and use our device once again.

Download Itel A45 FRP Files

First, you need to download all the files to your PC, Download files like Itel A45 FRP file also with FRP Tool and Itel A45 DA (Download Agent) file,

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Download all the files from here before you started to unlock FRP Itel A45. we are here share only one link to download the files just click on the link and download all files for free.

Itel A45 FRP Unlock File – Download

Let’s Start to Bypass FRP Itel A45

-First of all, Download all files on your Computer

-Then extract Itel A45 Frp files on your computer.

-Once the FRP files extracting completed, then open the extracted folder.

-There you will see “2” files,

  • SP Flash
  • FRP Files folder.

-Now extract the “SP Flash tool” on there.

Itel A45 FRP Unlock Sp Flash Tool

-Once extracted, open the SPFlash tool extracted folder,

-Now find there “SP Flash Tool.exe”, Then run the “SP Flash tool.exe” from there.

-After that, Click on” Download Agent” tab, and give the file path of the ‘Download Agent” file (it should be in the flash tool folder) and then press “Open” button.

iteal a45 da file select

-Then click on the” Scatter-loading”, then give the file path of “MT6739 MTK Scatter” file (File should be in the Flash file) folder and press the “Open”.

chhose itel A45 scatter file

-Now go to the “Format” tab by click on the “Format” icon.

-Then check the “Manual Format” from there.

-Open FRP Format Address.

  • 0x2d88000 => Begin Address field.
  • 0x100000 > Format Length field,

itel a45 format code

-All files are now successfully selected, now you to format the frp storage to Bypass FRP Itel A45 successfully.

Now Lava Itel A45 FRP Unlock

-After that, Install theItel A45 USB Driver on your PC.

-Now Connect your Device.

  • First Power Off your Device,
  • Then connect your Itel A45 to your computer using Volume Down Key,
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-Then check on the “SP Flash Tool” a green line will appear,

-That’s mean your device flashing will start.

Note:- If you’re Itel A45 not detected on the SP Flash Tool, Then reinstall USB Driver and restart your PC and then follow the whole process once again,

-Once flashing finished, then you will get a pop-up window,

-Then disconnect and power on your device,

-Great, you have successfully Itel A45FRP Unlock.

-Once FRP Lock is removed then power on your device.

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