Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F ISP Pinout EMMC Ways


If you are a mobile technician and you get Samsung Galaxy A21s containing the model number Samsung A217F? Somehow, are you not being able to unlock the pattern, password, or FRP lock? Looking for the right solution? Fortunately, you have come to the right track. Here, I will guide you on how can remove the pattern, password, and FRP lock of the Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F device, you can easily bypass FRP lock or reset user data on your device via UFi Box, AE-tool, or any other tool. Check out the below guide.

Remove Pattern Lock, Screen Lock, Finger Lock in Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F with UFI Box you can easily solve with this method if you are fresher technician or experienced technician in android software related if the error occurs of USB not recognized then your USB is not working. if a battery is not charged, your USB socket will not properly work and you will fail in this method. if any issues please write your questions in the comment box I will try my best to help you.

What is Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F ISP Pinout?

ISP means “In-System Programming”.In-System Programming (ISP) allows communication to take place with a target chip without the need to remove it. The main advantage of this method is the possibility to communicate with a target chip eMMC or eMCP bypassing the CPU. It brings higher speed for data extraction compared with JTAG but it requires great soldering skills. ISP applied to forensics, is the practice of connecting to an eMMC or eMCP flash memory chip for the purpose of downloading a device’s complete memory contents.

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Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F ISP Pinout Image:

  • At first, turn your phone off.
  • You will require to open up the back part of your device. You can do it with the help of tools from your toolbox.
  • Now, disassemble the motherboard and disconnect it from the battery and camera.
  • Then, you have to locate the eMMC chip and open the steel case. It’s also known as the ISP pinout method. After opening the case, you will see some small square-shaped boxes on the board.
  • Take the UFI box adapter and you will see it has 6 round hole points named:

Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F ISP Pinout EMMC Ways


VCC – Voltage Supply for Core (3,3V)
VCCQ – Voltage Supply for I/O (1,8 – 3,3V)

  • You need to discover the same 6 points in the eMMC chip of your motherboard. You can find them among the square-shaped box I have mentioned earlier. (You may take help from google to figure them out)
  • In this step, connect the 6 round points of the UFI box to the exact 6 square-shaped boxes (like Dat0 to Dat 0) through soldering jumpers. (wrong wiring may damage the UFI box)
  • Then, connect the motherboard to the battery and join the adapter to the UFI box.
  • Next, connect the UFI box to the computer.

Samsung SM-A217F repair dead boot or any brand phone you need two dongles best in the market one is easy jtag plus and another is ufi box both are best in the market. those boxes help some phone after flashing wrong firmware not show booting on-screen.this you need those boxes for boot repair. some brands, not possible lock remove like a pin, pattern, password, FRP, and MDM lock this really supports for remove locks.

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How To Remove Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F  FRP Lock Using UFI Dongle:

  • Check “Direct eMMC (ISP)”
  • Then Click on “Identify eMMc.
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy A21s A217F to the PC via a USB cable.
  • Head over to the PC and open Device Manager.
  • If your device is located there, run the UFi Box.

UFI EMMC User Partition

  • Now Click on Special Task ► [Samsung] MasterClear ► Wipe Data Only
  • Now Click on Special Task ► Clear FRP Lock
  • Done.
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