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If you are attempting to flash or remove the FRP lock on a Samsung Galaxy S22 SM-S901B mobile device and are having difficulty finding a working solution, you may need to use the Samsung Galaxy S22 SM-S901B UFS ISP Pinout. This pinout is necessary because without it, your tools may display errors when trying to flash the stock firmware, remove locks, or remove the FRP lock.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 SM-S901B UFS ISP Pinout is an essential tool for programming, flashing, and troubleshooting the device. By using this pinout, you can perform various tasks such as removing user locks and FRP reset, writing UFS dumps, and removing MDM locks on the Samsung Galaxy S22. This pinout provides a direct connection to the device’s UFS chip, allowing you to access and modify its firmware and settings.

You can easily get the UFS ISP Pinout connection of the Samsung Galaxy S22 S901B by following the full guide below along with images. By using the ISP Pinout, you can easily bypass FRP lock or reset user data on your device via EasyJTAG Plus Box, or any other tool. Check out the below guide.

What is Samsung Galaxy S22 SM-S901B UFS ISP Pinout?

UFS ISP Pinout refers to the specific connections or pins on a device’s circuit board that are used to program or reprogram the UFS (Universal Flash Storage) memory while it is still installed in the device. UFS is a type of flash memory used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The ISP Pinout is a set of connections that allow the device to be connected to a programming tool, such as EasyJTAG Plus Box, for firmware flashing, removing locks, or resetting the device’s firmware. These connections are unique to the specific device and may be different for other devices.

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To repair a dead boot, flash firmware, or remove FRP lock on a Samsung Galaxy S22 or any other brand phone, EasyJTAG Plus is the most suitable tool to use. It is the only box in the market that supports UFS chip. This box is helpful for phones that fail to boot after flashing the wrong firmware. Additionally, it is also useful for repairing boots. Some brands have locks that are hard to remove such as pin, pattern, password, FRP, and MDM lock, in those cases, EasyJTAG Plus is very useful as it supports removing all types of locks.

Samsung Galaxy S22 SM-S901B UFS ISP Pinout, follow these steps:

1. Start by removing the rear case of your phone, and disconnecting the motherboard from the battery, fingerprint sensor, and camera.

2. Next, unscrew the screws on the motherboard and carefully remove it, placing it in a safe location.

3. On the motherboard, locate the six eMMC pins, labeled TxOp, TxOn, RxOp, RxOn. These pins may be hidden behind a steel cover, which you will need to remove to access them.

4. Obtain the UFI box and take the adapter out of it. You will see the same pins as on the motherboard in the adapter.

5. Carefully solder the 4 pins: TxOp, TxOn, RxOp, RxOn by connecting jumpers between the motherboard and the adapter. Leave the VCC and VCCQ pins for USB power.

6. Insert the adapter into the UFI box and connect the box to your computer.

7. Re-connect the motherboard to the phone’s battery, and connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 SM S901B UFS ISP Pinout   Test Point

Once the above steps are completed, you will have successfully connected the Samsung GalaxyS22 UFS ISP Pinout to your programming tool and you can begin flashing firmware, removing locks or resetting the device’s firmware.

To access the Samsung Galaxy S22 SM-S901B UFS ISP Pinout, the following items are required:

  • A working Samsung Galaxy A33 A336E device with a fully charged battery
  • Easy Jtag box with the adapter
  • A Micro USB cable
  • A computer or laptop to connect the device and the programming tool

To remove the FRP lock on a Samsung Galaxy S22 SM-S901B using EasyJTAG Plus:

  1. Start by removing the back panel of the device and connecting the wire to the UFS ISP Pinout.
  2. Connect the correct UFS ISP Pinout to the EasyJTAG Plus box.
  3. Check the “UFS” tab on the tool.
  4. Click on “Identify UFS Chip” to confirm the connection.
  5. Connect your Samsung Galaxy A33 to the PC via a USB cable.
  6. Under the “Preset” tab, select “Persistent”
  7. Click on “Erase LUN0 Data” to remove the FRP lock.
  8. You have done the process successfully.

What Is Samsung Galaxy S22 UFS Chip?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is an advanced, high performance interface designed for computing and mobile systems such as smartphones and tablets where power consumption needs to be minimal.

The major differences between eUFS/UFS Card over the older signaling architecture based eMMC/SD cards are its high speeds and low power serial interface with high reliability.

In light of the UFS’s high performance and reliability, Samsung has seen adoption in the mobile market. Samsung will continue to satisfy the growing storage needs of the industry by offering a variety of advanced UFS lineups, while more thoroughly addressing the ever-increasing demand for leading-edge memory solutions in other market segments, too.

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